SET Media


This is our media workshop. We build our own powerful, brilliantly designed, innovative, and target media products which we use as a conduit of cultural and behavioural change.


We believe in the power of the written word and its magnitude in building a good relationship between a customer and a brand.


  • To produce high quality and innovative print and online products which can be used as communication channels between customers and businesses.

  • To ensure our own share in the local media while maintaining a good relationship with the leaders in it. Media is the Fourth Estate in a democracy and its aim is to act as an arbiter, a watchdog, and a harbinger of what people need to know, must know, and have the right to know.

  • To trigger actions. Our media tools are active instruments, each of them with one aim: to make the customer act - buy a product, try a service, tell a friend about it, laugh, become curious.

Our Projects