SET Consulting


SET consulting is our research lab. This is where we conduct research, develop communication strategies, and measure the effectiveness of our efforts.


Our imperative is research, research, research!

Our research concentrates on the most important, but highly unpredictable variable: the customer. Finding out what triggers a customer to act is key to building the most effective marketing and communication strategy for any business.


Research is scientific. As such it delivers fixed answers, rather than assumed, and specific solutions, rather than abstract. Our services as marketing consultants fall into three sequential steps:

  • Research: we conduct research to understand the market environment you are in and the customer you are dealing with and identify where you can improve and in what way.

  • Planning: the research findings help us to build solutions and tackle problems.

  • Measurement: we measure our efforts to estimate the level of effectiveness of our strategy and planning and your ROI. We estimate ROI by assessing the impact of our branding and marketing strategy on your sales figures, on your brand, and on your customer.