We are a new company based in Malta with focus on innovative media and market research.

SET Media

Our media workshop produces a number of print publications each targeting a wide variety of niche markets in Malta as well as abroad.

SET Consulting

Our research lab focuses on market and consumer research with the aim to assist and consult businesses from all economic sectors.

SET Charity

Our corporate social responsibility will ensure that 10% of every advert sold for our print publications goes to local charitable organizations.

Who we are

our team

We are a young team of creative marketers with an academic background in communications, integrated marketing and research; with experience in the print media and consumer research.

our business edge

We believe in the power of consumer research. Without it every other marketing effort is a shot in the dark.

our objectives

Understanding the customer is paramount to businesses and vital to the fate of brands. Companies' outlook and cultural attuning are pivotal in today's demanding and powerful society. With this reality in mind we have set three goals:

to research. Knowing the customer well is the means to successful brands.

to integrate advanced technologies, high quality media products, and bold creativity when building successful brands, communication strategies, or marketing campaigns.

to apply a 360 degree approach, a method of using a wide spectrum of techniques to help understand, develop, and improve the relationship between a customer and a brand.

How we do it


Our goal is one: make the customer act. SET media and SET consulting deploy various tools and methodologies aimed at triggering this action - whether it is to make the person to purchase a product, try it out, or just notice it and tell a friend about it.


All our methods aim at making the customer act. Actions are so many:
See, Smell, Touch, Hear, Smile, Ask, Try, Buy, Return, Follow

We build new brands, re-brand old ones, or support existing brands in a direction that leads their customer to some sort of action. Our marketing techniques encompass a wide area of tools, ideas, and situations. We pre-test our techniques through focus groups, surveys, and other qualitative or quantitative methods. We interact with your customers – existing or potential – and draw strategies on how to improve your brand recognition and market position.

Methodologies include:

  • Quantitative research – surveys, polling, data analysis
  • Psychographics research
  • Qualitative research– focus groups, case studies, and field observations
  • Mystery shopper field experiments


Market Analysis

Our work begins with evaluating your current market – conditions and forces that influence your business. We research and analyse your market positioning and that of your competitors and identify risks, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses. The step we take next is conditioned by what we find from the market analysis.

Customer Analysis - psychographics

In parallel to market analytics we deem equally important to learn about your customer – likes and dislikes; purchasing power and behaviour. Based on this knowledge we forecast what would work and what wouldn’t on that customer.

Product Pre-tests and Post-tests

Whether our clients are B2C retail producers or distributors, or B2B service providers, our approach is not affected. We deploy this tool to assess where your product or service is situated, what capacity there is for growth, or in what direction it needs re-modification.

Product/Service Modification

Through face-to-face experience with your current and potential customers we try to identify opportunities of modification. We conduct these modifications in line with what will be most effective on your customers. Modification of your products and services means re-packaging, re-positioning, re-branding, but also reviving, and bringing them to a newer level which results in increased sales and market shares, and better brand recollection.

Post-marketing measurement of ROI

Undoubtedly this tool is the only one that tells you best where we have taken your brand and your product. We calculate your returns not only in terms of how much your sales have increased but also how well people know you now, how many people have switched from other brands to yours, and how many of your irregular customers have suddenly become loyal to you.

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Where we are

  • 26 Triq il-Gabillott
  • Swieqi SWQ3161
  • Malta
  • T: (+356) 21 38 09 33
  • F: (+356) 21 31 41 39